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U.S. President Ronald Reagan announces his decision to launch a major new research and development program to deploy effective missile defenses
Withdraw! Why? Where to?

The Anti-missile Shield and the First Strike

U.S. Tightens Missile Shield Encirclement
of China and Russia

U.S. to discuss Bulgarian missile shield

Romanians Accept Plan for Basing of Missiles

U.S. - Poland Supplemental Status of
Forces Agreement (SOFA)

Technical Effectiveness of European
Ballistic Missile Defense Options

U.S.-Poland Missile Defense Agreement

U.S.-Czech Republic Missile Defense Agreement

The Law of Capital: Histories of Oppresion

Some of the transcribed and edited excerpts from the documentary Hit-to-Kill were published in the journal Reartikulacija no.7 that was presented in the framework of The Law of Capital: Histories of Oppression, International Research Project with Exhibition, Symposium and Publishing of the journal Reartikulacija no.7, 8 and 9, organized by Marina Gržinić and Sebastjan Leban, Ljubljana, City Museum, 15-28, December 2009.

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by Manlio Dinucci*, Tommaso di Francesco (14/03/2010)

...It’s confirmed: the United States will deploy an anti-ballistic missile shield in Europe. This clarifies the ambiguity, wittingly entertained by the media, to the effect that Obama had backed out of the plan, originally proposed by President Bush, to which Russia was vehemently opposed. Having served in both Administrations, U.S. Secretary of Defence Robert Gates related to The New York Times the unfolding of events. It was Gates who, in December 2006, had recommended that the United States deploy 10 interceptors in Poland and a radar system in the Czech Republic. It was again Gates who, in September 2009, prompted President Obama to scrap the plan in favour of a "more suitable" one. His conclusion is that "We are in the process of enhancing, not abandoning, our missile defense programme in Europe"...

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For additional information, you may listen to a radio interview of Malio Dinucci on the same subject, in Italian
available in MP3 >>

by Rick Rozoff (09/03/2010)

...Last month’s revelations that Washington is going to station land-based interceptors in Bulgaria and Romania were followed by a report that in addition to the Patriot missile batteries that will be set up in eastern Poland next month “The US is still looking to build missile silos in northern Poland” and, even more alarming, “The US is also interested in building longer-range missile silos near the Poland-Kaliningrad border. These would be capable of shooting down missiles from as far as 5,500 kilometers away….”...

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by Tsvetelia Tsolova and Anna Mudeva (12/02/2010)

Washington will hold preliminary talks with the Bulgarian government on hosting parts of a U.S. missile shield, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov said on Friday...

..."This is not a decision that will be taken only by me," Borisov told reporters. "We are waiting replies from the European Commission and from the Bulgarian parliament." He added: "My opinion is that we have to show solidarity. When you are a member of NATO, you have to work for the collective security"...

...A State Department spokesman said the facilities were due to become operational by 2015 and were aimed at defending against "current and emerging ballistic missile threats from Iran." He repeated that the new strategy should not worry Moscow...

...The new government, elected last July, is eager to prove its loyalty to its Western partners and improve Bulgaria's image, tarnished by the previous administration's failure to tame rampant corruption and crime...

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by By Nicholas Kulish and Ellen Barry (04/02/2010)

The president, Traian Basescu, said in a statement that Romania, a former Warsaw Pact member and now part of NATO, was prepared to negotiate with the United States to accept ground-based interceptors as part of an antiballistic missile defense system. He said it could be working by 2015...

...White House spokesman, Robert Gibbs, said the announcement was welcomed. “We’re pleased that Romania has agreed to participate in that defense shield,”...

Political analysts in Romania said the speed of Mr. Basescu’s announcement appeared to be an attempt to capitalize on the agreement at the expense of political rivals at home, where most view a deepening of ties with the United States favorably and where Mr. Basescu narrowly won re-election in December...

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Ian Kelly, Department Spokesman, Washington, DC, December 11, 2009

We are pleased to announce that Under Secretary of State Ellen Tauscher and Polish Under Secretary of Defense Stanislaw Komorowski signed the “Agreement Between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Republic of Poland on the Status of the Armed Forces of the United States of America in the Territory of the Republic of Poland” today in Warsaw.

This bilateral status of forces agreement will supplement the multilateral NATO Status of Forces Agreement signed June 19, 1951. It defines the legal status of United States military personnel and United States nationals working in Poland in joint programs in support of our mutual security. The agreement will facilitate a range of mutually agreed activities including joint training and exercises, deployments of U.S. military personnel, and prospective Ballistic Missile Defense deployments.

The SOFA demonstrates the strength of the U.S.-Poland strategic alliance.                           www.state.gov >>

by Dean Willkening

"Technical Effectiveness of European Ballistic Missile Defense Options", Stanford University, Center for International Security and Cooperation, Wilton Park, October 31, 2008 (61 pages/slides)

download presentation >>                                                                                    www.ne-zakladnam.cz >>

Following is the complete text of the Ballistic Missile Defense Agreement as negotiated by the U.S. and Polish governments and signed by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski in Warsaw, August 20, 2008.

Please note that this Agreement does not come into legal force until it is ratified by the Polish Parliament and signed by President Kaczyński.

download document >>                                                                                                  www.mfa.gov.pl >>

Following is the complete text of the Ballistic Missile Defense Agreement as negotiated by the U.S. and Czech governments and signed by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg in Prague, July 8, 2008.

Please note that this Agreement does not come into legal force until it is ratified by the Czech Parliament and signed by President Klaus.

download document >>                                                                                         www.ne-zakladnam.cz >>
U.S. and Czech Government sign
Missile Defense Agreement
U.S. and Polish Government sign
Missile Defense Agreement
U.S. President Barack Obama suspends the 2007 European missile defense program and announces a new approach