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U.S. President Ronald Reagan announces his decision to launch a major new research and development program to deploy effective missile defenses
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P-a-r-a-d-i-g-m-a.net is an alternative space for communication through which we propose to constitute a community of users interested in investigating, reflect, participating and discussing in forum on current mass media manipulation related with the Iranian regime. Parallely we want to emphasize the planning of anti-missile shield in Eastern Europe, the U.S. system designed to protect against ballistic missiles launched from so-called rogue states ,like Iran or North Korea. What is the purpose of these messages, whose interests defend the dominant media and how the audience should face this situation? What forms of activism are emerging and what impact has the alternative media? What role is playing the Internet?

With p-a-r-a-d-i-g-m-a.net we establish a specific model of communication and method to archive and display (visualize) the information. Our intention is to facilitate transversal-readings, to contrast the mainstream flow of information, to alter the usual experience of news consumption and to inspire a debate in forum. This is a work in progress project and it is open to all users who have interest in maintaining this web site active and expanding its contents.

Indymedia is the name for a worldwide network of self-denominated Independent Media Centers. The global network was created in 1999 during the anti-WTO protest in Seattle in 1999 as an alternative to government and mainstream media and is formed by various groups with local presence on five continents.

It counts with a collaboration of hundreds of journalists, many of them volunteers and groups of various nationalities who offer information on a political, social and cultural issues. It remains closely associated with the global justice movement, which criticizes neo-liberalism, and its associated institutions. Indymedia uses an open publishing and democratic media process that allows anybody to contribute. Network of Independent Media Centers ( IMCN ) as a democratic media outlet is based on principles of equality, decentralization and local autonomy. The IMCN is not based on a centralized bureaucratic process but it is a self-organization of autonomous collectives that recognize the importance of establishing a union of networks for exchange and open access to information as a prerequisite for building a free and just society.

The "No to the Bases" initiative formed in June 2006 as a response to the news about US-Czech negotiations, held without public knowledge, to place a permanent US military base in the Czech Republic. The main objectives of the initiative is to prevent the installation of a US radar base in the Czech Republic by using non-violent forms of action and to demand a referendum on this issue.

Members of the initiative aim to stimulate and contribute to public debate surrounding the issue and to inform the public about the consequences of the establishment of a permanent US military base in the Czech Republic.

"No to the Bases" initiative is a wide informal coalition open to organizations and individuals agreeing with its objectives and principles. Members of the Initiative include approximately sixty organizations and many prominent individuals.

The International Network for the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases (or NO-Bases Network) took off at the 2004 World Social forum in India, and grew over the past 5 years to include hundreds of campaigners in dozens of countries on all continents.

What binds us all is the realisation that the ca. 1000 US and ca. 200 European military facilities all around the globe are 'bad for you'. Bases come with high crime rates, violation of womens rights, pollution, health hazards, displacements, loss of land an fishing grounds, cultural oppression, economic dependence on a foreign army, political intransparity and a general loss of sovereignty.

Next to that, we are driven by the realisation that without these bases, fleets, torture centres, spy-facilities, weapon storage facilities, training camps and testing grounds, most of the aggressive wars and interventions of the past decades would not have been possible. Bases are the infrastructure of a militarist foreign policy undermining international peace and security, globally.

REARTIKULACIJA is an art project of the group Reartikulacija (Marina Grzinic, Stas Kleindienst, Sebastjan Leban and Tanja Passoni). It is based on a precise intervention logic; through contemporary political theory, critic, art projects, activism and self-organization, it aims to intervene in the Slovene, Balkan and international space. The platform allows networking with other political subjects, activists, artists, who are interested in the possibility to create and maintain a dialogue with concrete social and political spaces in Slovenia, Europe and worldwide. The platform is organized on several levels: a journal, creation, production and organisation of exhibitions, lectures, presentations and organisation of auto-educational processes/school for radical theory. The project is structured in such a way to allow for a constant changing and upgrading of each issue/exhibition/lecture according to a specific context and due to collaborators from Slovenia and abroad, who are given full autonomy based on their historical, political and artistic backgrounds.

Viernes por la noche del 13 de diciembre de 2002 en Les Naus, un centro social okupado desde hace años en Gracia (Barcelona). Actualmente ha sido ya desalojado y derribado. Tres-cientas personas se encuentran allí para dar el tiro de salida a Espai en Blanc.

Espai en Blanc es un la apuesta colectiva de un grupo de personas que se proponen hacer de nuevo apasionante el pensamiento. Es decir, abrir un agujero en la realidad que no se defina por lo que ya sabe sino por lo que no sabe. Este agujero se abre en una brecha entre el activismo y la academia, el discurso y la acción, las ideas y la experimentación. Por eso es una apuesta a la vez filosófica y política.

Enmedio de la política, del arte y de las nuevas tecnologías. Enmedio de lo individual y lo colectivo. Un espacio Enmedio del barrio de Poble Sec, (C/ Paludaries 25-27) y Enmedio de las sociedades conectadas (www.enmedio.info). Enmedio sabe que el nuevo escenario en el que se desenvuelve la comunicación está cambiando, y que en la nueva estructura social comunicativa se han colado valores, estéticas e intereses que, sin dejar de ser individuales, entran en conexión los unos con los otros. A este fenómeno nos gusta llamarlo sociedades conectadas. Estas sociedades son frágiles y ambivalentes y sus ocupantes no sólo adaptan las nuevas tecnologías a sus condiciones e intereses personales, sino que además se convierten en productores de contenidos y de servicios. Una consecuencia natural de todo esto es la invención de nuevos usos, de nuevos lenguajes y de nuevas prácticas sociales basadas en una capacidad imaginativa interconectada. Investigar de qué está hecha está capacidad imaginativa, definir la función que las prácticas artísticas desempeñan en ella e inventar. así, nuevas formas de intervención social, es lo que nos hemos propuesto, por esto estamos Enmedio.
U.S. and Czech Government sign
Missile Defense Agreement
U.S. and Polish Government sign
Missile Defense Agreement
U.S. President Barack Obama suspends the 2007 European missile defense program and announces a new approach